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Cava, where are you headed?

The legacy of Agustí Torelló Mata

Josep Forns Varias

Title: Cava, where are you headed?
The legacy of Agustí Torelló Mata
Authors: Josep Forns Varias
Publishet: 2015
Product Dimensions: 16,5 x 24 cm
Bookbinding: Hardcover
Pages: 320
Edition: 1a
Subject: Farming. Vine and Wine
ISBN: 978-84-16445-08-0
Price: 25 €
  © Edicions i Propostes Culturals Andana, SL, 2015
© Josep Forns Varias
© Agustí Torelló Mata
© Translation into English: Douglas Suttle
© Images, their respective authors or rights holders

Cava, where are you headed? has two great protagonists: the main one, which is cava, is omnipresent on every page of this book. The other, equally important, protagonist is the cava producer Agustí Torelló Mata. He also acts as the narrator and it is he who accompanies the reader as he looks back over his passionate biography. From his privileged position within such an important economic sector in Catalunya – Torelló has been on the front line for the last 65 years – he confides in us the inside details to which he has been witness. At the same time he provides us with a critical analysis of the most significant personalities and events from last 150 years. He also provides us with a deep reflection on some of the worrying realities: the low prices that strangle the grape growers and that threaten the viability of the sector, the introduction of “foreign” grape varieties that mean losing our unique character, the trend of leaving the denominació d’origen organisation that unites the cava sector, the pointless fights between certain companies within the industry, the selfish approach some cava producers have that takes away our united strength and that means we struggle to produce united campaigns, the vagueness of the marketing strategies on both a domestic and export level, the lack of a consistent, effective leader, etc, etc. In contrast, Agustí Torelló shows us the strengths of a product that, when made with care and passion and always striving for the highest quality, is unbeatable.

Josep Forns Varias(Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, 1960) has a degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona and in Journalism from UAB. He has also studied at the Escola d'Escriptura of l'Ateneu Barcelonès. He currently works as a psychologist and family therapist, but comes from a long career as a journalist. He started out in the local magazines, d'Oca a Oca and Esqueixos, and also worked in the local radio stations in Sant Sadurní and Vilafranca del Penedès. Afterwards, he moved to Catalunya Radio, Radio 4, Presència, El Periódico, El 3 de Vuit, Vilafranca TV, El 9 Nou, Diónysos and Livania. He has also worked in the communication departments within the Vilafranca and Sant Sadurní town halls, whilst at the same time giving writing workshops. He was awarded the Sant Ramon de Penyafort prize in 1986 and 1995 for his articles: “Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, capital del cava” and “La verema mecanitzada”. He was also a finalist for the Rosalia Rovira prize for the program he made for Radio Sant Sadurní called "Del xampany al cava”. He was responsible for the wine and cava section in the weekly Penedès newspaper El 3 de Vuit between 1996 and 2006 and he also presented the “Quin vi hi posem” section of the El Suplement program for Catalunya Radio from 2006 to 2008. He has written the books: Les veus d'un barri (1999) and Sant Sadurní d'Anoia. El cava, l'hoquei sobre patins i la Festa de la Fil·loxera (2006). The second of these was written in collaboration with Antoni Romeu.

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